The Imperfection of Wonder Woman

4 min readDec 25, 2020
Source : The Verge

The hype of the new Wonder Woman movie is all around the world. People said that Wonder Woman 1984 is the type of movie we all need in 2020. And I couldn’t agree more. It’s far from perfect obviously, but this is the kind of story we need to cope this fantastic year.

Well If you expect some action and fight in this movie, it’s gonna be a bit lesser than before. But these stories, oh boy it amaze me. But I’m not gonna review or tell about this movie, just a little bit message that I found wonderful from this movie. Wonder woman is one of powerful DC character, a woman who has it all. She got power, beauty , wonderful soul and all those superheroes material. But, in this movie I feel the vulnerable side of Diana Prince.

The Imperfection of Lies

“My life hasn’t been what you probably think it has. We all have our struggles.” — Diana

In this storyline, we’re gonna meet Barbara Minerva as archenemy of Diana Prince. She’s the one who see the perfection of Diana and compare it with herself. Like we all do, we keep compare ourselves with the achievement of someone else. Even her own achievement as archaeologist is not enough for her. And, like it or not we’re all Barbara at some point of life.

But guess what, even Wonder Woman can’t have it all. We know that sadness on Diana’s eyes when the love of her life is bound to die. In this movie she even beg “Why for once can’t I just have this one thing?” so she said. Well, I found this line moving me. She have everything Barbara and we’re all dream about except for one thing she want and need. Come to think about this is so relatable on every each of us.

We’ve found our own Steve Trevor as imperfection of life. The one thing that we want and the only hardest thing we have to let go. And I’m not talking about people, it’s all those good thing you wish will be yours but never will. I got my own Steve Trevor and I suppose all of you do too. How many tears you shed for it and all those breaking inside your soul every time you think about it. And all those thing make you forget what you have. Diana as we all do forget all those good things she had. She let herself into the great illusion of lie. And as the movie said ‘nothing good is born from lies’.

Truth and Hope

“The truth is bigger than all of us.” — Diana

One thing I love about this movie is those illusion of happiness and message of being true to oneself. The movie speak loudly about truth and struggle in life. Everybody have their own problem and want to live a life where our own Steve Trevor is there. I mean, who doesn’t want a powerful item to grant your deepest wish. Even if it is a lie or illusion why don’t I give anything to taste the bit of those ‘happiness’. Well, after all we’re all Diana Prince.

But again, truth is bigger than all of us and our own power is being true with ourselves. And all those lies about happiness are gonna need a big amount of cost. And the price gonna be bigger than ourselves. This movie give us a glance of Diana Prince instead of The Wonder Woman. All those dilemma she got in life and the price she need to pay to get those wonderful kind of life. Well, Diana is no better than any of us. At some point, she’s lost and suffer just like we’re all human do.

Well, all of us are lost and suffer in any form of life. As the movie said that you’re not the only one who has suffered. You’re not the only one who wish to change the way it is. But we’re all know that is not the answer. And when you feel so lost, all you need to do is stop and look what you have. I believe, once you learn to stop and look around you know what you need to do. We’re all have our own obstacle in life and how hard it may seem there’s hope. And when there is life, there is hope.

I believe this is the kind of movie we need in 2020. We are all lost in this particular year. But hope and truth in this movie is one thing we need the most in this year. So, in a perspective of life I dare to say this movie did it very good job for all of us. We’re all the same with all those imperfection of life. All those wish to change everything we want the most. When you’re feeling lost in life, just remember to take a step back, look around, and ask yourself to see the truth. Because how cringe it is, the truth will indeed set you free.