Life and The Things I Hate

3 min readOct 23, 2022

This is not a TED Talks things

Being a wanderer. I think we, human are destined to be one. The endless circle of travel one place to another. The only thing that keeps us apart one from another being. Although in this endless cycle, our very being travel one to another, only to find the same rhythm. Again and again.

Aimlessly Journey Called Life

As wanderer, it seems pretty obvious that we’re all walking towards endless loop. The thing we’ve been doing for a year or so, probably is the thing we would do for the rest of our life. Just like a vicious cycle we keep going on and on which at times lead to nowhere.

Some people are finding the reason of being. They’re being brainwashed by the over glorified words like passion, purpose , or meaning of life and so on. Just a speck of idealized world that never really exist.

Although some others (like me) barely bear for another day and wonder when will it stop. We’re just like any sapiens always and will do, survive. Just like the famous Bukowsky’s epitaph: “Don’t Try". Barely walking on a thin ice and likely gonna fall. So here we are waiting these aimlessly journey with no manual book or whatsoever.

People and Old Folktales

The thing about being wanderer is the way you meet each soul that reminding your past life. And probably the worst thing being alive is how vicious people can be. We’re grown up with same old bullshit ‘happilly ever after’ or even so ‘being kind’ and so on. Just another old folktales bullshit, because in the end, the winner gonna take it all. Even the history only remember the winner not the battle.

I hate people, their scheming, intention and in the end betrayal. However, people are just people, they’re nothing more an animal trying to survive. And perhaps part of their survival instinct is hunting, betraying and killing. One thing we need to learn in the future that there’s no such thing as good triumphs over evil. There are only cause and consequences. Above it all is uncertainty and unfairness of life itself.

Probably Death is The Journey

The endless journey of a wanderer is same old thing they called ‘home’. For us (and me particularly) death is the journey of life itself. People always talk about life and how to make the most of it. When the aftermath of these tirelessly journey is a whole nothingness. It seems like some kind of nihilist, but these kind of thing lifting a heavy burden on daily basis.

Some people, situation or yourself gonna be a pain in the ass, but good news they’re gonna die sometimes. And others won’t even remember their name. So the joke is on them for trying to put all of their effort towards this nothingness.

Because the more you put your mind on something won’t take you anywhere. It’s only gonna make you lonely. Again, that’s the thing about life, we’re once alone in this nothingness. So, we’re gonna be alone into another one.

Life painful, hard, and probably a battle you’re not gonna win. And I cursed all about it, but nothing I can do with it. Even waking up with no willingness whatsoever, I still need to move. A walking corpse, a dead star or just a fucking pawn. Whatever it is, at least I know where I’m headed. Home, here or another.

Don’t you cry for the lost, smile for the living, get what you need and give what you’re given, life’s for the living so live it or you’re better off dead

Passenger — Life’s for Living